In a nutshell, these ingredients make up the Farrah recipe: cats, music, sex education, adventures, waking up at 5 a.m. to catch the sunrise, baking, creative fiction, overthinking, hiking, and leading with ❤️ in Colorado.

I work with nonprofits, small businesses, and independent publications in need of blog writing, content management, content optimization, copywriting, editing, and more. My portfolio showcases a variety of commercial and personal projects created throughout my career. (P.S. I’m interested in connecting with publications focusing on sex and physical and mental health and wellness — just throwin’ that out there!)

How I can help transform your content

Blog management
Creating and maintaining a content schedule, overseeing contributors, managing social platforms

Content optimization
Content strategy, creating SEO blueprints, and keyword research

Copywriting and editing
Providing feedback and structural edits for writers, among other duties.

Blogs, web pages, case studies and more

Web production
Photo sourcing, QA’ing content in CMS, backend HTML/CSS, publishing content accurately

Whatever your needs are, let’s talk about them.