Relationships are about give and take. If you’re not willing to step out of your comfort zone to make your partner happy, perhaps you aren’t as ready for a relationship as you might have thought. It’s important that your significant other feels that their interests are important to you as well.

After a long, grueling day at a job you probably hate, there is nothing better than coming home to a well-thought-out surprise from your significant other. Nothing says “I love you” or “I’m so glad you’re finally home” better than a favorite dish prepared and laid out nicely, or maybe it is your spouse who is laid out! In any case, here are seven tips to turn that frown upside down right as they walk through the front door.

  1.  Cook! Who doesn’t love food? When you’re out working hard, cutting your lunch break in half to finish working on the assignments your boss refuses to do, chances are you’re eating trashy fast food that will only keep you satisfied for a few hours. You might be sitting in your office dreaming about a delicious plate of chicken parmesan, when all you have in front of you is a half-cooked burrito. There’s no better pick-me-up than a home-cooked meal made with love waiting for you at home.
  2. Do Their Chores. Have you ever been at work and couldn’t stop thinking about the pile of dishes waiting for you in the sink? It’s a nagging feeling I know we’ve all felt. Before your loved one gets home from work, walk their dog or take care of the stinky cat litter. Do their laundry, or maybe even clean the bathroom. It’s quite refreshing to walk into a clean home, and knowing that someone loves you enough to take care of your light weight is pretty amazing.
  1. Gifts. If you hear your other half raving about something they’ve had their eye on, get it and have it waiting. Whether it’s a book, jewelry, shoes, or a technological device, splurge a little and brighten up the end of their work day. If the particular item is a bit expensive, buy them a card along with a token of your affection, and let them know that something great is in the works. That would work just as well, and even better, it adds a touch of anticipation and excitement.
  1. Record Their Favorite Show. Stop time for them and record their favorite show. Even though they’re out working hard, it will be a nice gesture to find a way to keep them tuned in. Everyone has a favorite show they like coming home to, but sometimes, a long day at work turns into a night of burning the midnight oil. You’re then stuck at work wondering if your beloved protagonist did what you want them to do. So, when you know they’re on their way home, have a meal or a snack prepared along with their show waiting. Hugs and kisses will definitely be in your near future.
  1. 5. Bath. Wash away their stress by running a nice, warm bath. Bubble baths aren’t something most people indulge in daily. When it happens, it feels extra special. Whether you dim the lighting or cut it off and light some candles, it’s a romantic treat. Draw the water, throw in some bubbles, and maybe even scatter some rose petals on the floor if you want to go the extra mile. Everyone has different tastes, follow yours and your loved one will be very happy to see the thoughtfulness behind a bubble bath just for them. If you’re feeling a bit frisky, be inside the tub when they get home.
  1. Massage. Pull out the lotion, or go the extra mile and buy massage oils so you can put your skills to use. If you’re not the best at giving massages, don’t worry. It’s still a great way to show how much you care. Stress from work is unavoidable, and it builds up in our muscles. When you’ve been dealing with pesky clients all day or crazy commands from your superior, a massage is heaven on earth. What makes it better is that you will be the one taking their edge off, which they will undoubtedly appreciate.
  1. The Bedroom. Last on my list is to spice up the night for your mate. Ladies, you can do your hair the way he likes it, then top it all off with some sexy lingerie that you know will have his eyes popping out of his head. Gentlemen, spruce yourself up, clean the house, and when she walks through the door, make the night all about her. It’s easy to let the romantic aspect of a relationship slip through your fingers. Show your companion you are still hot for them and it will relieve any work day tension.

Showing your loved one that you care doesn’t have to be extravagant. Be present and aware of what your partner needs. Never be afraid to ask what they find comfort in and how they like to relax! Relationships are all about unity, commitment, and consideration, and taking the time to create some peace in their chaos is representative of those things.

With love,


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